Pulpit Committee

The Pulpit Committee’s Mission Statement:

During this season of transition at Northwest Christian Church, the pulpit committee commits itself, as we go about a minister search, to the good news of Jesus Christ, aligning itself with Northwest Christian Church’s Vision of “saturating the next generation with the gospel.”

We commit ourselves, as a group and individuals, to prayer for the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and going to scripture for insight and guidance, as well.

We commit ourselves to being thorough, taking our time, building consensus with one another for the sake of unity and to openly communicating with the congregation.

Northwest Christian Church Minister Job Description

Committee Members

Audrey Buchholz

Howard & Shirley Hatlelid

Jeff & Lory Krummen

Nathan & Stephanie Lichter

Jim & Delores Schachtner

Dan & Traci Sliefert

Katie Tesch